hair cut

the crop


hair by: joseph bartucci

My co-worker Alex was inspired by a recent photo of Michelle Williams, and wanted to chop her already platinum blonde locks off. She knew I would be the one to do it- and here is the finished result. I love the way a small amount of product can add just enough texture and create dimension to her single-tone hair.

the pixie

A pixie is a timeless and iconic haircut.  What makes each one special?  Having the right artist that understands face shape to accentuate the individual’s features, and tailor it to their personality.

Launchpad Magazine recently put together a slideshow, Pixie-Perfect: 10 Best Pixie Haircuts of All Time.  I was inspired by this article and selected a few of my favorites to highlight below.

PixieEmmaWatsonEmma Watson


PixieWinonaRyderWinona Ryder