street style hair

Need a hair refresh for spring? Here’s a trick to update your look and achieve that effortless street style appeal, with a few simple steps.


Start with day-after shampooed hair.  Spray with Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray, and lightly tousle the product into your hair with your fingertips.

I love this product because it doesn’t leave film on the hair, and it remains pliable without over drying.


Let the hair dry for a few minutes after you apply the spray.  Then lightly bend 2 inch sections of hair around the GHD Curve Classic 1.25″ curling iron, wrapping only once around the shaft to create soft waves.

To create tighter waves, wrap smaller sections of hair around the curling iron 2-3 times each.


 Lastly, apply the Leonor Greyl Soins Du Cheveu Eclat Naturel on the ends of your hair to add in some moisture and finish off the textured look.

This product acts as a finishing product, to condition and create definition in the hair.


Et voila…se jolie!

wavy-shag-with -bangsmodel images via Fashionising