best blow dryers

When styling your own hair, it’s all about finding the right tools for you.  A blow dryer is an important tool for creating the foundation for a great hair style.  Here are 3 of my favorite blow dryers below.



My favorite thing about the Twinturbo is the incredible strength of the airflow.  If you are looking for a heavy duty blow dryer with a strong motor, and long life- this is the one for you.  The Twinturbo is made in Italy, includes a wide concentrater nozzle, and is an ideal tool for hair stylists.



The Solano is extremely lightweight, while incorporating a powerful motor and consistent flow of air.  This dryer also includes a “cool” button which is great for setting your hair with a round brush.


This is the mighty mouse of blow dryers.  The Parlux is compact and has a great burst of air.  I love the sleek design and the handle is easy to hold and maneuver.  This dryer also includes a “cool” button.